Skin Health

We all know that the Australian sun can be very harsh on our skin. More often than not we don’t protect our skin, the largest organ in our body, by wearing sunscreen or moisturising regularly. Skin damage and aging often presents as forehead wrinkles, “crow’s feet” besides the eyes and sagging of the lips and cheeks.

We approach your cosmetics holistically and so at Marsfield Dental Care we are now also offering muscle relaxants for frown lines, forehead lines and “crow’s feet”. For those who like fuller, more defined yet natural-looking lips, we are able to apply dermal fillers for lip enhancement and to correct nasio-labial lines.

For those who suffer from symptoms of grinding and clenching and have found little benefit using occlusal splints and muscle exercises, muscle relaxant therapy is a new way of addressing the hyperactive muscles that are often cause these symptoms. Effects last around 6 months and will provide almost immediate relief to hyperactive jaw muscles.