Healthy Teeth, Healthy Body!

The Link Between Oral & General Health – Part 1

Why is oral health care important?

Most of us take good care of our teeth and gums to attain brighter pearly whites and have that flawless, tantalising smile. But did you know that by taking care of your teeth you can maintain your overall health as well?

Oral Health and General Health: The Relationship

So how does going to a dentist in Epping or anywhere in Sydney keep your teeth, gums and mouth healthier and maintain your overall health at the same time?

The condition of your gums and teeth offers clues about your overall health. It serves as a warning sign for diseases, thereby helping you prevent their onset. Some conditions and diseases that are linked to oral health problems include: heart conditions, diabetes, osteoporosis and many more. Today, let’s focus on how your oral health can affect the health of your heart.

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