Tooth Extraction

We Perform Smooth and Successful Procedures for Tooth Extraction in Sydney

Teeth that have lost more than two-thirds of their visible structure are often considered for removal due to their poor long-term success rate even after root canal therapy and restoration. For over 20 years Dr Choo has performed tooth extraction in Sydney with her careful technique, skill and control. From removing baby teeth to complex surgical tooth removal, we have your general needs covered. We also have access to using pain-relieving Penthrox inhalant, nitrous oxide (‘happy gas’) and can arrange intravenous (IV) sedation for those uncomfortable with dental treatment.

Effective Simple or Surgical Tooth Extraction in Sydney Handled By Experts

Very few people find going to the dentist a pleasurable experience. Even fewer find dental extractions comfortable! We understand this totally, so at Marsfield Dental Care we’ll try our best to make the procedure run smoothly and quickly as possible, so you can be out and pain-free as soon as possible. We’ll give you simple and easy-to-understand instructions on how to look after yourself on your road to recovery after the operation. Let us take care of you like you’re one of us.

Wisdom tooth extraction
Note the minimal remaining tooth structure left. This tooth cannot be successfully restored effectively and requires extraction
Diagonal erupting wisdom tooth
Note how the lower wisdom tooth is erupting into the adjacent molar. The patient was complaining of occasional severe pain and swelling in the gums at the back of his mouth

We Offer Tooth Extraction in Sydney for Troublesome Wisdom Teeth

Are you feeling searing pain coming from the back of your mouth? Practically everyone knows someone who has suffered from the discomfort their wisdom tooth is causing them. This is most commonly caused by improper eruption of the teeth right at the back, leading them to move in directions where they shouldn’t be. The result is an impacted wisdom tooth, which can cause posterior gum inflammation (pericoronitis), pain while eating and even fever. After a comprehensive diagnosis and assessment phase, if we determine that your problematic wisdom teeth can be extracted without substantial complications, we are more than happy to perform their removal with your consent. Remember that you don’t have to be afraid of this otherwise simple procedure. Removing any decayed tooth will keep infection from spreading, giving you more reason to show off those beautiful pearly whites.