3D Printed Veneers and Restorations

3D printed definitive restorations (fillings) are a growing trend in digital dentistry. New and modern 3D printed filling materials are strong and aesthetic and are a cost-effective alternative to pricier dental ceramics. Dr Andrew Ip is a dental 3D printing pioneer in Australia and has been printing definitive restorations since their introduction in Australia several years ago. Read More …

Before and after of 3D Printed Veneers and Restorations

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He is actively involved in testing new and upcoming materials and is a Key Expert for several digital dentistry-related companies.

He has spoken extensively on the benefits of 3D printing in dental practices and the advantages of 3D printed restorations and veneers in Australia, South East Asia and the United States. And He is well-regarded by his colleagues to be an expert in the field of 3D printing definitive restorations globally.

3D printed veneers are increasingly becoming popular in the US due to their proven aesthetics and ability to be made as thin as 100-200 microns thick! This often means that little-to-no tooth reduction/preparation is required. In contrast, traditional ceramics often need at least 0.5-1mm of tooth reduction.

3D printed restorations can often be designed and placed chairside on the same appointment, with modern dental 3D printers able to print up to 10 different fillings simultaneously in as short as 9 minutes! This allows substantial time and cost-savings for the patient. 3D printed fillings, crowns and veneers can cost as low as half the price of their ceramic counterparts.

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