Dental Implants

Implants are one way to replace a natural tooth where it was previously missing. Dental implants can restore function and aesthetics where absent prior. At Marsfield Dental Care we have had the training and experience to successfully perform your general dental implant needs. We are general dentists who are able to place and restore dental implants where appropriate. A referral to an oral surgeon, periodontist and/or prosthodontist may be required in some cases.

Risks and consequences may apply to any treatment, in particular implant treatment. It is best that you are assessed by a dental professional prior to embarking on any dental implant treatment so that the risks, consequences and benefits of such treatment are explained to you in detail and in-person. Always seek a second opinion when considering complex treatment. A referral to a specialist may be required in certain situations. 

We may be able to help with your dental implant needs

Dental implants can be a costly and time-taking procedure so before placing them we give our patients an honest opinion based on clinical and radiographic (x-rays) examination. You will need extra imaging to determine whether there is enough bone to place implants, the location of any vital anatomic structures and what dimensions the implant to be placed can fit in. The images shown are examples of before and after treatment that have been performed by us. To determine what treatment is suitable for you, please seek a consultation first. Due to the complexity of dental implant treatment, quotations are given after physical assessment. As a result we do not provide pricing details on the phone. 

Dental implant sample
Spot the implant!

We approach the implant process with our high clinical standards

During the implant process, we will advise you at every step and we’ll educate you on how to keep everything clean. As a nationally accredited practice, we follow set national standards for infection control and have been assessed on these standards. Like many things, your teeth and dental implants may require regular maintenance and review. We enjoy forming long-term relationships with our patients, so come visit Marsfield Dental Care for comprehensive oral health care served with a smile.

"The information in this website may be simplified in nature and does not replace professional advice. Risks and consequences may apply to any treatment. Always seek a second opinion when considering complex treatment. A referral to a specialist may be required in certain situations. Quotations can only be given after proper clinical assessment and so pricing details cannot be given over the phone."