Teeth Straightening

These days orthodontics, the art of teeth straightening, can be performed not just on children but also on adults! We are general dentists who perform general orthodontics where appropriate. Often a referral to a specialist orthodontist may be advisable. At Marsfield Dental Care our patients’ dental alignments are assessed at every examination. Quotations are only given after physical assessment as each case is different. As a result we do not provide pricing details on the phone.

Arrange a consult today to see whether the alignment of your teeth can be improved

At the first appointment we can provide a frank orthodontic assessment for you. As a result you are given the information necessary to make an informed decision prior to commencing treatment. At Marsfield Dental Care, orthodontic treatment (teeth straightening) is tailored to our patients’ needs and we will advise you on the best way to correct crooked and poorly positioned teeth. Risks and consequences may apply to any treatment, in particular orthodontic treatment and the details are best explained in person with your dentist. Always seek a second opinion when considering complex treatment. A referral to a specialist may be required in certain situations. 

Here, the patient visited our practice wanting treatment for the crooked appearance of his teeth.
After orthodontic treatment (in this case braces), this was the result! The images shown are examples of before and after treatment that have been performed by us. To determine what treatment is suitable for you, please seek a consultation first.

We provide a range of orthodontic treatment options

Orthodontics isn’t all about braces. We also do clear aligners (e.g. Invisalign, removable and fixed retainers and plates for minor shifting of teeth and keeping our results for as long as possible. Always seek professional advice to find out which options are suitable for you. It is always best that you have your teeth examined and assessed prior to straightening your teeth. As a result we are unable to provide accurate quotations over the phone.

"The information in this website may be simplified in nature and does not replace professional advice. Risks and consequences may apply to any treatment. Always seek a second opinion when considering complex treatment. A referral to a specialist may be required in certain situations. Quotations can only be given after proper clinical assessment and so pricing details cannot be given over the phone."