Root Canal Therapy

We Can Save Your Teeth with Our Root Canal in Sydney

Sometimes a simple filling isn’t enough to halt tooth decay and the spread of infection. When decay and bacteria have invaded the pulp of the tooth (what keeps your teeth alive), this may cause spontaneous, lingering pain or even a dull ache. Leave it too long and the infection may even spread to the surrounding bone, causing extreme discomfort when you bite down on the tooth! At this stage, you may be suffering from what we call apical periodontitis (infection of the tissues surrounding the tooth). When you want to be out of pain but you don’t want the infected tooth extracted, root canal therapy (or as we call it, endodontic treatment) may be the most viable option. There’s not much we haven’t seen in all the years we’ve been open! You can leave it to us to assist you and get rid of that pain as soon as possible. At Marsfield Dental Care we have performed effective root canal in Sydney.

Our Root Canal in Sydney Will Have Your Teeth Looking and Functioning Like New

Although this remedy is often seen as a daunting procedure, we do not beat around the bush regarding prognosis and success rate. Delaying treatment is not an option and shying away from the problem will certainly leave you in excruciating pain. We take the pain and drain out of general root canal in Sydney with our experience, knowledge in the general field and genuine care. There’s not much we haven’t seen during the decades we’ve been open! You can leave it to us to get you out of pain as soon as possible. Have your general dental needs efficiently, effectively and honestly handled by Marsfield Dental Care.

Root canal sample

We Have Experienced Dentists to Perform Root Canal in Sydney

There’s a lot involved in root canal therapy: rubber dams, hand files, rotary instruments, periapical radiographs, intra-pulpal medicaments, apex locaters and the list goes on! Leave the technical jargon to us. There’s no tooth in the mouth on which we haven’t performed root canal in Sydney throughout our many years of service. First we’ll access the infection and clean it out delicately with our specialised fine files. The root canal is consistently flushed with antibacterial irrigants to remove those nasties and finally medicaments are placed to reduce pain and keep the canal clean. After the canal is filled (obturated) with a proper seal to keep the bugs out, we’ll protect the tooth with a strong, long-lasting filling on top, which will restore your function!