Dental Emergency in Sydney

Things don’t always go to plan and when accidents happen that damage your teeth, jaw and gums, you may need to seek emergency dental care. If you’re based in Marsfield, Macquarie Park or other local suburbs in Sydney, you can count on Marsfield Dental Care to provide fast solutions to urgent problems. We’re centrally located and open Saturdays for your convenience, and can provide after-hours and same-day appointments for those little emergencies.

We know how distressing a dental emergency can be, and we aim to book priority appointments for the people that need it most, so we can relieve your pain quickly and look after your long-term oral health.

What constitutes a dental emergency?

It’s natural to be unsure about whether or not you require urgent dental care. We recommend that you call us immediately whenever you experience any of the following, so we can advise you on your optimal course of action:

What to do at home

There are some precautions you can take at home to minimise pain and reduce the potential for long-term damage. Of course, you shouldn’t undertake anything that causes more pain, and at-home solutions are no alternative to visiting your local Macquarie Park dentist in an emergency.

For oral pain in wisdom teeth, other teeth, gums or elsewhere in the mouth, try rinsing with warm salty water. If you’re experiencing oral swelling, use a cold ice pack on the outside of the cheek. Never apply heat to the area as this can cause a burning sensation.

If you have a large wound caused by gum disease, trauma or infection, press firmly on the wound for 5-10 minutes using a cotton cloth, towel or gauze. Avoid using tissue to wipe blood away as this can stick to the wound.

Brace wearers that are experiencing irritation from broken braces can try to bend the wire so it sits in a more comfortable position, but don’t attempt to cut any pieces of wire.

When should you call the dentist?

 All dental emergencies in Macquarie Park and Marsfield will be treated as a priority by our experienced dentists. Don’t delay if you think you might need urgent attention due to toothache or something else; call us immediately as leaving it too late can cause more serious dental problems.

If we can’t treat your issue straight away, we will do what we can to relieve the pain and refer you to a specialist in the local area.

Call Marsfield Dental Care

Speak to the friendly experts at Marsfield Dental Care if you think you may require urgent dental treatment in Macquarie Park and surrounding suburbs. We’ll be able to discuss your symptoms on the phone and book an appointment at a time that’s convenient to you, ensuring we examine you as a matter of urgency if it’s an emergency.

Book online with Marsfield Dental Care

Give us a call on (02) 9887 1961 from Monday to Saturday, or book an appointment online. We’re conveniently located close to a bus stop for your convenience.

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COVID 19 Update - Oct 2021

 All our members of staff - Dentists and supporting assistants - are fully vaccinated. We are a COVID-safe practice and we are open for all general dental treatment needs and services.