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Dental Pain Relief in Macquarie Park

The cause of oral pain based on patient symptoms is often complex to diagnose. While the cause of the pain may be acute gum inflammation, more often than not tooth decay is the most common suspect for pain that appears to originate dentally.

If you are experiencing dental pain, Marsfield Dental Care has the instruments and experience for your dental problems. From emergency toothache relief to wisdom tooth pain relief, our dentists know what to do to alleviate your pain in no time.

The Symptoms of a Toothache

A toothache may be due to tooth decay and a cavity, an abscess or a fracture, unless you are experiencing teeth grinding or infected gums. These will manifest as a throbbing pain in your mouth. This may be combined with tenderness or swelling in the gums, aching jaw muscles, a bad taste or smell in the mouth, or even a fever. The ache may build into a sharp pain each time you bite, eat something sweet, or eat something very hot or cold. Occasionally, oral pain isn’t so much a toothache as having teeth that feel overly sensitive or as if they’re tingling.

What to Do If You Have a Toothache

These symptoms can feel alarming! If you are experiencing a toothache or any other symptoms of oral pain, book a visit to your dental clinic immediately. You will need to see a dentist if the pain builds or spreads, lasts longer than a day, or starts to cause other symptoms. If you have had an acute injury that has damaged a tooth or even knocked a tooth out, book an appointment with your dentist as soon as you can.

What to Do with A Knocked-Out Tooth

In a situation where a tooth has been knocked out, gently pick up the tooth by the crown or exposed side. Clean the tooth, ideally by rinsing it in milk, otherwise in a saltwater solution. Don’t use pure water or any form of soap or cleaning chemical! Also, make sure to avoid scrubbing the tooth or letting it become dry. Instead, place the tooth back into the socket it fell out of, in its correct orientation, and get the patient to see a dentist as soon as possible.

Got the Verdict? So What Now?

After giving you an honest examination and diagnosis, Marsfield Dental Care will proceed to deal with your discomfort immediately. From our experience, the 3 most common treatment procedures used to relieve pain are fillings, root canal therapy and tooth extraction.

Please note that risks and consequences may apply to any treatment. Always seek a second opinion when considering complex treatment. A referral to a specialist may be required in certain situations. Accurate quotations can only be given upon physical assessment and so we do not give pricing details over the phone.

If you’re looking for a dentist in Sydney who takes genuine care in their work and the well-being of their patients, call or book online to let Dr Choo, Dr Ip and their friendly staff look after you, your family and those pearly whites!

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