How Long Does Pain Last After Tooth Extraction?

25 Feb 2021  |  No Comments

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If you have pain related to wisdom teeth or you have severe tooth decay, your dentist can recommend that your tooth is extracted. You may be wondering if extraction will be painful and what you should expect after the procedure.

Thanks to advanced modern medical procedures, anesthetics, and tools, dentists in Sydney and Marsfield can now extract your wisdom and other teeth without causing any postoperative pain or significant swelling.

Normal reasons to feel pain after tooth extraction

In most cases, a dentist will recommend that you undergo tooth extraction when there are no alternatives like root canal procedure or fillings to resolve the issue. After the operation, it is normal to have swelling and experience some pain in the tooth extraction site.

You are likely to experience some minor pain for three days after undergoing tooth extraction. You feel post-procedure pain because of the underlying inflammation of your gums. The anti-inflammatory cells in your body fight the harmful bacteria present in the tooth extraction site.

Other reasons why you may experience pain after an extraction

Other, more concerning reasons you could be experiencing pain after an extraction include sinus perforation, infection in the socket, dry socket, and infection in the bone (osteonecrosis).

1. Dry socket – This is the most common complication following an extraction. After your tooth is extracted, a blood clot naturally forms to fill up the space. After two or three weeks, the clot should solidify and become part of the gum and jaw.

However, by sucking through a straw, drinking a carbonated beverage or blowing air through pursed lips, you can dislodge the clot before it solidifies, exposing the bone and resulting in pain.

2. Infections – When you experience pain that comes with continued bleeding, swelling, and fever, it could be due to infection. This may be addressed via an antibiotic you should take before the extraction. This will help numb the tooth and prevent any infection.

3. Sinus perforation – In rare situations, the sinuses located right above the upper molars may be damaged during the tooth extraction process as there is a thin and delicate lining between the teeth and the sinuses. In some cases, prolonged tooth extraction pain could be a result of a ruptured sinus.

How long will the pain last?

How long the pain takes after tooth extraction will depend on what is causing the pain in the first place. For instance, if the pain is due to a dry socket, it should take not more than seven days. Pain from dry socket usually occurs 3 days after a tooth extraction.

It is advisable to maintain gum and tooth hygiene after a tooth extraction. Avoid drinking through a straw and eating foods that may harm your socket. Brush your teeth as usual and floss with saline water to prevent bacteria from growing in the tooth extraction site.

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