How Often Should You Visit the Dentist?

25 Apr 2020  |  No Comments

dentist explaining his female patient about teeth care, showing her dental mold

The question of how often you should visit the dentist isn’t one that has a single hard and fast answer. While most dentists will either prefer a six to twelve-month interval, the arrangement that works best is going to be particular to you.

Let’s take a look at the sorts of things that you should consider when booking your next appointment with your dentist.

Why heading in for a regular check-up is important

The question of exact intervals or frequency aside, let’s talk about why regular check-ups with your dentist are important. We’ve talked about the value of regular check-ups before, but it is always worth restating.

Good oral health is a question of diligence and regularity. When your dentist recommends a visit at least once every twelve months, it’s mostly because this timeframe is commonly accepted as being safer than longer gaps between visits. It’s a timeframe in which a problem might begin to emerge, but not become so out of hand that relatively non-invasive treatments aren’t sufficient to contain them.

Heading in for a check-up with your dentist at regular intervals is an essential part of staying on top of your dental health – creating opportunities for effective preventative dentistry. Even in the case that everything is fine, it gives your dentist the chance to check for the early signs of trouble and head those problems off with cleaning, advice and early treatments.

Does my age play a factor?

As with most health-related questions, your age will definitely factor into your answer. But not to the extent that you might think. For those in the older demographics – the question of frequencies comes down more to any past history of dental trouble that you might have experienced. For those who have experienced any sort of gum disease, have needed teeth replaced, or have had any other sort of dental issue in the past, a regular check-up is an even more important part of your oral hygiene.

The vast majority of dentists agree that children without any noted history of dental problems only need to see a dentist about as frequently as their parents. Some parents will find it convenient to handle the annual or semi-annual visit to the dentist all in one go, saving you and your family plenty of time.

What else can I do

If a visit to the dentist every six months isn’t a schedule that you feel you can keep, it’s important to remember the most important contributors to good oral health are your habits. Shy of a dental emergency, many check-ups are fairly routine affairs and a chance to remind you of how you can maintain good oral health. Your regular dentist may even relax their usual recommendation if they can see that you have demonstrated a commitment to maintaining your own oral health.

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