The Power of Laser in Dentistry

The prospect of facing the dentist drill is enough to put many people off going for a simple check up, but did you know there is an alternative to the drill for some procedures? The power of laser has been realised in the dental industry since 1990, when it was first used in surgical and cosmetic dentistry. The dental laser works by producing a very thin, intense light energy beam. Upon contact with tissue, the light causes a reaction, whereby it can shape or remove tissue.

Lasers are often used together with other dental instruments, and it is considered a safe treatment for a range of problems.

Dental conditions may contribute to more serious health issues, so it’s vital that you keep your gums and teeth healthy. If the anxiety of the dental drill puts you off having your teeth checked, laser treatment may be a better option. It is a silent treatment and can reduce the need for anesthesia. Risks and consequences may apply to any treatment. Always seek a second opinion when considering complex treatment. A referral to a specialist may be required in certain situations. 

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