When is the best time to get my teeth straightened?

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It is often common belief that orthodontic treatment can only take place when you are young. This is in fact not quite true! Orthodontic treatment on adults has been successfully performed on adults for decades now. So why does this prevailing thought still exist?



It is true that with age, development and turnover of our body’s bones and tissues slows down. This is why orthodontic treatment is recommended as young as possible, in order to make advantage of the flexibility of a child’s growth. However, this does not mean that having straight teeth as an adult is an impossible dream. These days there has been an increase in adults asking to have their teeth straightened! Furthermore technology today has also allowed us to treat adults more effectively and efficiently.

Are there any risks associated with orthodontic treatment?

There are risks associated with any type of dental treatment, whether it be surgical extractions, root canal or even simple cleans. Orthodontic treatment is no different. In extremely rare cases, teeth that have moved can lose vitality. It also takes time to get used to the new positions of your teeth, which can translate to jaw joint issues. The main issue with orthodontic treatment is the fact that most patients find adequate cleaning more challenging than usual. As a result all orthodontic patients need to be fastidious with their hygiene to prevent gum disease and decay. Generally straightening teeth is a fairly low-risk process.

Will my results last forever?

After orthodontic treatment it is essential that you wear retainers to keep the positions of the teeth. This minimises any movement of teeth after treatment. However a minor degree of movement over several years may be expected, which may not even be noticeable!

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