6 Reasons Regular Dental Checkups are so Important

25 Jan 2021  |  No Comments

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In general, it’s recommended that we visit the dentist every 6 months, though this can vary from person to person. If you need a little extra care to keep your mouth at optimal health, your dentist will advise on the best schedule for you.

But what if you’re not experiencing a toothache, and everything in your mouth feels fine? Can you skip your upcoming biannual check-up? Actually, no! Even if you don’t have any worrying symptoms, here are 6 reasons to make sure you never miss your regular check-up at the dentist.

1. Professionally remove plaque

Daily flossing and brushing is necessary to remove food particles and the buildup of plaque, but it can only do so much. A professional dentist clean is required to remove any stains and plaque that your brushing has missed. When allowed to cumulate, plaque turns into tartar – which is even more stubborn and can lead to issues such as gum disease.

2. Detect problems early on

After cleaning, your dentist will thoroughly examine your mouth to look for the potential for any serious problems to arise. They’ll check for decay, loose teeth or any other areas of concern. This means these issues can be treated faster, potentially saving you money – and painful, complex treatments – later on.

3. Find issues that can’t be seen with the naked eye

What’s under the surface matters, too. X-rays are taken at your regular appointment to ensure your gums and bones are healthy, and get a better understanding of if and how your wisdom teeth are developing.

4. Detect oral cancer

Dentists are trained to recognise early signs of oral cancer – something that can be life-threatening, but is treatable when caught soon enough. While you may not notice any abnormalities or symptoms, your dentist will, and you’ll be glad they caught it.

5. Detect signs of gum disease

Almost half of all adults are affected by gum disease at some point in their lives, and ignoring the issue could be painful, and could even cause the breakdown of gum tissue and bone, which can cause teeth to loosen or fall out. To avoid the expensive, painful and often unaesthetic consequences of gum disease, regular cleanings and checkups are required.

6. Ensure your oral habits are positive

It’s easy to fall into bad habits. Not brushing properly, consuming too much sugar, smoking and grinding your teeth are all detrimental to your oral health. Your dentist will be able to pick up on these habits to keep them in check, and advise you on ways to properly look after your mouth in between visits to the dentist.

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Make sure you’re looking after your oral health, to minimise the need for expensive or painful treatments further down the line. You might think your teeth and gums are fine, but there could be some alarming symptoms that only your dentist can pick up on.

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