Caring for your dentures

17 Feb 2013  |  No Comments

So you are a current owner of a set of dentures and you’d like to maximise the lifetime of their use. Here’s a list of easy to understand instructions to make sure those dentures last:


  • Leave your dentures in a glass of water at night – this gives your gums some rest, and keeps your dentures cleaner
  • When you brush your teeth, take your dentures out and clean them using cold water and toothpaste – do not use bleach as this can often dull the colour of the acrylic denture material
  • Place a takeaway box or a towel at the bottom of the basin while you are cleaning your dentures so your dentures don’t break if you drop them
  • You can soak your dentures once a week for 3-4 hours in water with a suitable denture tablet (available in pharmacies) to help remove stains – avoid commonly used vinegar with water as this has often caused corrosion of the metal in the past
  • Chewing with dentures is different to chewing with natural teeth. Use both sides of your mouth to eat as the pressure helps keep the denture in place
  • Cut food into smaller pieces before eating
  • Allow time to adjust to new dentures – everyone copes with new dentures in different ways. You may find that you are having speech difficulties or you have excess saliva in your mouth. Please be assured that these issues resolve with time (usually 2-3 weeks).
  • If you are having sore spots or are experiencing excessive pressure your dentures may need professional adjustment – leave your dentures out as much as possible if they are causing you trouble. Do not attempt to adjust your dentures by yourself. If possible, wear your dentures 24 hours before your denture adjustment appointment as we will be able to identify your sore spots with much greater ease
  • The fit of loose dentures may be improved using a suitable denture adhesive (available in pharmacies). However a more permanent solution is a professional denture reline.
  • Keep any remaining teeth and gums clean! Good oral hygiene universally improves the lifetime of ANY dental prosthesis.

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