Can Digital Dentures Be Repaired Easier?

Can Digital Dentures Be Repaired Easier?

Traditional dentures aren’t exactly known for being the sleekest or comfiest things in the world. Thankfully, digital dentures have come on the scene, offering a much more swish and natural-looking solution for replacing missing teeth. But what happens if your fancy new dentures take a tumble and crack? Are they easier to fix than their old-school counterparts? This guide will explore the fascinating world of digital denture repairs.

Cracks happen: Are digital dentures more likely to break?

The good news is, that these dentures are generally pretty tough. Built with high-quality resin that shrugs off daily beatings, these are tough kicks. But hey, nothing lasts forever, right? Here’s what could cause some drama for your digital dentures:

  • Oops moments: A tumble off the bathroom counter can result in cracks or fractures.
  • Biting down on trouble: Chewing on ice cubes or super hard foods puts unnecessary stress on the denture.
  • Everyday wear and tear: Dentures take a beating just from chewing and everyday wear. That can lead to little chips or cracks over time.
  • Loose fit blues: If your dentures aren’t fitting right, watch out! They can rub your gums and tissues raw, causing discomfort and potentially increasing the risk of damage.

What can be fixed on digital dentures?

The good news is that many common denture repairs can be sorted on digital dentures too. Here’s what the dentist might be able to do:

  • Tiny cracks and chips: No worries! Dentists can usually smooth them out or fix them with a special resin. It’s a pretty easy fix.
  • Relining for a snug hug: As your mouth naturally changes over time, your dentures might become loose. They can add a new layer of material to the base for a snugger fit.
  • Replacing a missing tooth: If a tooth breaks or disappears, it can usually be replaced and attached to your current denture.
  • Fixing fractures: Depending on how bad the crack is, they might be able to fix your denture. In some cases, though, a brand new one might be needed.

Digital vs Traditional denture repair

Replacing a broken traditional denture? Buckle up. It usually means getting another mold done of your mouth, which takes time and isn’t exactly a walk in the park. With digital dentures, your dentist has your info on file in a fancy digital format. This means:

  • Supercharge your repairs: With a 3D model of your smile on file, denture fixes can be zipped through way faster than the old way.
  • Perfect fit, every time: The digital magic means your repairs are made from an exact copy of your dentures, for a snug and comfy fix.
  • Ditch the extra appointments: Say goodbye to those annoying follow-up visits! In many cases, the digital file lets your dentist work their repair skills right there in the office.

Benefits of having digital files for denture repair

Close-up photo of a realistic upper digital denture in white acrylic material. It has natural-looking pink gum tissue and a full arch of white teeth.

Having a digital copy of your dentures stashed away has some sweet advantages when it comes to repairs:

  • Convenience: No more messy and uncomfortable impressions in the future – your digital copy is there for the taking.
  • Accuracy: Digital files guarantee a perfect match for any repairs or replacements you might need down the track.
  • Efficiency: Faster turnaround times for repairs mean less disruption to your daily chomping routine.
  • Potentially less moolah in the long run: Because digital dentures are designed for a snug fit from the start, they may require less frequent adjustments and repairs compared to traditional dentures, potentially saving you some cash.

Can you repair digital dentures at home?

While these dentures offer some sweet repair benefits, it’s important to avoid any DIY dentistry disasters. Fixing dentures requires proper skills and special materials to ensure a proper fit and function. Trying to fix them yourself could make the damage worse, irritate your gums, and seriously mess with your oral health. When it comes to repairs, digital or traditional, your dentist is always your best bet.

How much does it cost to repair digital dentures?

Sounds like fixing digital dentures depends on a few things, so there’s no single price tag. Here’s a quick guide to get you in the ballpark:

  • The damage itself: A tiny crack will cost less than a big one or a missing tooth needing a replacement, that makes sense, right?
  • Fancy materials: The type of resin used and any extras they need to fix it can affect the price.
  • Dentist stuff: Where you live and how experienced your dentist is can also play a role.

Here’s the general idea: Fixing digital dentures usually costs about the same as traditional ones. So, expect to pay anywhere from a few hundred bucks for minor stuff to over a thousand for trickier repairs.

Want a more precise number? Best bet is to chat with your dentist. They can check out your dentures, see what needs fixing, and give you a personalised price based on the work and their fees.

Final thoughts

Digital dentures are a fantastic option for replacing missing teeth. While they’re generally tough cookies, repairs might be needed at some point. The good news is that digital dentures often benefit from faster, more accurate, and potentially less disruptive repair processes compared to traditional methods. Plus, having those digital files on hand can offer long-term convenience and potentially reduce the need for adjustments over time

Considering digital dentures at Marsfield Dental Care?

Marsfield Dental Care can be your champion for digital dentures, whether you’re just considering them or need a repair. Our friendly experts are all about digital dentistry and helping you achieve that perfect smile.

Here’s what we offer at Marsfield Dental Care:

  • Free consultations: Want to know if digital dentures are right for you? Chat with our experienced dentists, no sweat!
  • Cutting-edge tech: We’ve got all the high-tech bells and whistles to make sure your digital dentures fit like a dream and feel comfy all day long.
  • Top quality materials: We only use the best, longest-lasting materials for your dentures.
  • Expert repair services: Even if your digital dentures need some love, our team can fix them quickly and effectively.

Call us today and let’s discuss how digital dentures can transform your confidence and chomping power!

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