Are Tooth Coloured Fillings Strong Enough?

Are Tooth Coloured Fillings Strong Enough?

Cavities are the worst, like a total buzzkill for your smile. Luckily, dentists are superheroes who swoop in with fillings to save the day! But with all the choices, you gotta wonder: are those cool tooth coloured fillings tough enough? This guide will break down if they can handle all your chomping and chewing.

What are dental fillings, anyway?

Imagine your teeth are like little crime fighters, and fillings are their awesome sidekicks! They patch up cavities and cracks, keeping your teeth strong and stopping more problems from showing up. Plus, they help you maintain a dazzling grin!

Are dental fillings necessary?

Dental fillings are pretty darn important for a few reasons:

  • They stop the rot: Cavities create little highways for bacteria to invade your tooth, leading to bigger problems. Fillings seal those highways, stopping the decay in its tracks.
  • Strong teeth, happy mouth: Cavities are like those little gremlins sneaking around in your mouth, making your teeth all weak! They’re basically just waiting for a chance to crack or chip them – yikes! Dental fillings are like little patches that strengthen your teeth back up, keeping them healthy and chomping strong!
  • Pain-free chomping: Cavities can be real ouch-inducers, especially when you eat hot or cold stuff. These fillings eliminate that sensitivity so you can enjoy your meals without wincing.
  • Chew on, champ! Damaged teeth can make chewing a challenge. Fillings restore the tooth’s shape and function, letting you munch freely.

What options are available for fillings?

Two types of fillings to choose from:

  • Metal fillings: The old faithful, super strong and built to last. Think silver fillings, not exactly the best for selfies though.
  • Tooth coloured fillings: These blend in with your teeth, so they’re basically invisible. Perfect for when you want your smile to be on point.

How strong are tooth coloured fillings compared to others?

In the past, metal fillings were the kings of toughness. But science has come a long way (think way cooler materials!), and now tooth-coloured fillings are pretty darn strong too. They can handle serious chomping forces in most situations.

Here’s the lowdown:

  • Strength: Maybe metal fillings are a tad tougher, but tooth-coloured ones can definitely handle your normal chomping.
  • Sticking power: Tooth-coloured fillings actually fuse with your tooth, like a mini-shield to stop more damage. Metal fillings are more jammed in there.

Close-up of a row of teeth with a tooth coloured filling

Can tooth coloured fillings handle everyday munching?

Absolutely! These fillings are designed to take the stress of chewing in stride. However, how long they last depends on a few things:

  • Size and location: Bigger fillings and those on back teeth (that do the heavy chewing work) might wear down faster.
  • Brush buddies: Brushing and flossing regularly removes bacteria that can weaken the filling and the tooth around it.
  • Sugar blues: Lots of sweets and acidic foods can mess up your fillings over time.

Are there people who shouldn’t get tooth coloured fillings?

While these dental fillings are a great choice for many, there are a couple of exceptions:

  • Big-time cavities: For super extensive damage, a stronger material like a metal filling or a dental crown might be a better option.
  • Nighttime grinders: If you grind your teeth like a champ at night, the extra durability of metal fillings might be a better fit.

Woman in pain grimacing and holding cheek, possibly experiencing a toothache in need of a tooth-coloured filling

How long do these fillings typically last?

Those white fillings can typically stick around for 5 to 10 years, give or take, depending on the stuff talked about earlier. But brush and floss like a champ, and they might even last a whole lot longer!

Are there any downsides to tooth coloured fillings?

Whileyhese fillings have a lot to offer, there are a couple of things to consider:

  • Cost: They might be a tad more expensive than traditional metal fillings.
  • Chipping in: They’re more likely to chip compared to metal fillings, especially if you bite down on something super hard or grind your teeth at night.

Keeping your tooth coloured fillings happy

Wanna keep those fancy tooth fillings looking sharp? Here’s the lowdown:

  • Brushing and flossing like a champion (twice a day and daily, respectively) stops gunk from building up around your fillings. This keeps everything in your mouth happy, not just the shiny parts.
  • Regular dentist checkups are your BFFs. Think of your dentist as your tooth fairy with superpowers! They’ll check on your fillings and catch any issues before they become, well, issues.
  • Ditch the candy canes. Avoid hard or sticky foods that can put extra pressure on the fillings, increasing the risk of chipping.
  • Grinding your teeth at night got you down? Yeah, stress can be a real jaw-clencher! If it’s happening a lot, chat with your dentist. They might have a cool nightguard for you – basically, a superhero cape to protect your teeth while you sleep!

Final thoughts

Alright, so the thing about tooth-coloured fillings is this: they might not be the toughest out there, but most people, can handle chomping on food just fine. Plus, they basically disappear, which is a major win for anyone who wants a stellar smile.

Of course, every mouth is different, and what works for one person might not be the best for another. That’s where your dentist comes in – they’ll be able to check things out and recommend the best dental filling option for your teeth.

Don’t let tooth troubles bring you down! Get smiling with Marsfield Dental Care

Cavities can be a real drag! But hey, no sweat! A little chip or decay doesn’t have to ruin your smile. We at Marsfield Dental Care are basically your smile superheroes, ready to ditch those frowns and get your grin bright again.

Our dentist crew is awesome – they know teeth inside and out! They’ll answer any questions you have, explain all your filling options (like those cool white ones!), and get your chompers back to looking top-notch.

So don’t wait! Whether you need a peek or a total smile revamp, we’ve got your back. Booking an appointment is super easy – call us today or hop online. We promise the whole thing will be chill and comfy, and before you know it, you’ll be rocking that camera-ready smile with confidence!

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