Dentures vs. Dental Implants

25 Jun 2020  |  No Comments

Dental prosthetic isolatic - partial denture upper side


Dentistry has come along leaps and bounds in the past few decades. Time tested answers to common dental problems are seeing modern updates, and new solutions are emerging and quickly growing in popularity.

One area that has seen a big update is the way that many dentists approach the replacement of teeth. In this article, the team at Marsfield Dental Care takes a look at two of the main solutions that patients find themselves choosing between when it comes to replacing teeth – dentures and dental implants.

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Dentures, sometimes referred to as false teeth, have been the traditional answer to the problem of missing teeth. Full or partial dentures can be an effective and somewhat more cost-effective way of dealing with the problem of missing teeth, whether it be from sudden damage or wear and tear.

At Marsfield Dental Care, we take care to ensure that each set of dentures is custom fitted to the wearer to their satisfaction. We can create a custom set that will match your smile perfectly using a variety of materials. From colour matched acrylic or the long-lasting cobalt-chrome, through to a highly flexible Valplast™, every set of dentures that we create is created with comfort in mind.

Dental Implants

Dental implants aren’t an entirely new idea, but their popularity has grown considerably in recent years with advancements in the materials and processes that we use to implement them as a dental solution. Dental implants are another kind of false teeth that are implanted directly into the jaw of a patient.

What we refer to as a dental implant is actually composed of three parts – an outer visible dental crown, an abutment that connects the crown, and the implant itself which fixes the entire apparatus in place. The implant is often made of titanium and is drilled down into the jaw to mimic the anchor of the original tooth. The implant is held in place by a process referred to as osseointegration, in which natural bone grows around the titanium implant. A crown is affixed to the root with the help of an abutment to give a natural look to the teeth and mouth.

Comparing options

For the solution that is best suited to you, often a referral to an oral surgeon, periodontist or prosthodontist may be required. But there are some common considerations at play that we can discuss generally.

Dental implants can be ideal for those looking for a more permanent solution, but they are quite costly and time consuming to implement. The multi-step surgical process can be quite uncomfortable, and some patients experience allergic reactions to the most popular synthetic root material titanium. Though A non-metal zirconia alternative is a relatively recent breakthrough that we are proud to offer at Marsfield Dental Care.

A set of dentures is crafted to fit the mouth of the wearer and are designed to sit comfortably. One common complaint, however, is that their being not permanently fixed in the mouth can lead to movement and discomfort while speaking or eating. While dentures are not typically the first choice for long-term ease and comfort, they are an effective solution in the case that a patient has underlying gum or periodontal tissue that is unlikely to support dental implants.

Explore your options with Marsfield Dental Care

In consultation with your dentist at Marsfield Dental Care, you’ll have the opportunity to delve into some of the considerations that might inform your choice of dentures or dental implants. To get started, get in touch with us at Marsfield Dental Care today.

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