Fluoride – dentistry’s magic bullet?

Everyone who regularly sees their dentist has no doubt heard “fluoride” being mentioned time and time again. Countless dentists and oral health advocates have sung out praises for this supplement for decades, yet there is still doubt on its efficacy and plenty of incredibly exaggerated claims of bodily harm. So how can we separate fact from fiction, and provide the best information for you and your family?

Fact & Fiction about Fluoride:


FACT: Fluoride exists naturally in our body and in almost ALL foods – Of course fluoride concentrations are extremely low and insufficient to cause harm in these substances. The same applies to our drinking water from the tap. It naturally contains fluoride ions. Water fluoridation however increases its concentration slightly to approximately 1 part-per-million: think for every million particles there are in water, 1 of them is fluoride. This concentration is still too small to cause harm but beneficial enough to strengthen and harden teeth. In fact the latest studies indicate that anyone who has had a lifetime benefit of drinking fluoridated water has fewer decayed or filled teeth and fewer decayed or filled tooth surfaces.


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