How to Ease Your Nerves When Visiting the Dentist

How to Ease Your Nerves When Visiting the Dentist

The mere thought of having to see the dentist, even for just a routine check-up, is something that sparks fear in many people. Because of this, they keep putting off their regular visit and only see the dentist when they have a dental emergency or when they have no other choice.

Why It Is Important to Overcome Your Fear of the Dentist

Regular check-ups are mandatory for good dental health. Aside from practising good oral hygiene by brushing and flossing regularly, you also need to see your dentist twice a year so that they can keep your teeth and gums in a healthy state. By skipping these visits due to fear, you might miss the early signs of dental problems while they are still reversible.

Tips for Handling Dental Anxiety

There are several things that you can do to manage dental anxiety. You might want to try a few different methods to find out which would work best for you.

Bring a Companion

Having someone with you when you go to the dentist, even if they will just be staying in the waiting area, will give you a huge boost of moral support that will calm your nerves. The knowledge that someone is waiting for you when you are done will get you through the entire procedure calmly.

Listen to Music

If you tend to relax while listening to music, ask the dentist if you can plug in your earphones during the procedure. You won’t be doing much talking anyway so it would be great if you can listen to your favourite songs to keep you entertained. You can also listen to an audiobook and before you know it, the visit is over.

Speak up

There is no reason to be embarrassed if you are experiencing dental anxiety. As we said, this is a very common thing so you should feel free to let your dentist know what’s on your mind. Talking about your concerns can help relieve much of the nervousness. Ask all the questions that you have and let the dentist know if you are feeling any discomfort at all.

Take Breaks

There might come a time during the treatment when you are starting to feel particularly nervous. Ask the dentist if you can take a quick break so that you can collect yourself, take a deep breath, and stretch your back. Most dentists would be happy to oblige, and many would even ask you periodically if you might want to have a break.

Choose the Right Dentist

There are dentists that are technically really good at what they do but might be very clinical during the check-up. They will just go through the routine and won’t bother too much with making you feel comfortable. Of course, this will make you even more nervous. You should find a dentist that can sympathise with your experience and be able to offer some things to make you more at ease.

Here at Marsfield Dental Care, we make sure that each patient is completely comfortable during the treatment. That is why we are introducing IV sedation services back into our practice for our very anxious patients. If you are need a dentist who genuinely cares for your wellbeing, just call us and we will be happy to see you!

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