Can Dental Implants Cause Gum Disease?

05 Sep 2020  |  No Comments
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Dental implants are a great long-term solution to severely broken or missing teeth. They restore the function of the mouth with a natural look, so patients’ smiles can be restored. However, as with any dental procedure, it’s important that you look after your dental implants properly – or you could be putting your smile at risk.

Many patients that come into our clinic for dental implants are concerned about whether they could lead to gum disease. The good news is that this isn’t the case; dental implants alone don’t cause gum disease, though failing to properly care for them can lead to such complications.

Let’s take a look at the importance of healthy gums for the implant procedure, and how you can keep yours healthy post-treatment.

The importance of healthy gums when getting implants

The gum implant process can only go ahead if you have healthy gums. If you have periodontal disease, or a history of gum disease, you will need to ensure this is treated before a dentist can begin the implant procedure.

Periodontal disease can weaken the gum tissue or jawbone tissue and if this has happened, you may need bone grafts or soft tissue grafts before the implant can be inserted.

This is because the root of the implant has to fuse to the bone matter. Therefore, it has to be strong enough to support the implant, and has to be able to surround both the implant and lower crown. Otherwise, the implant won’t have anything to fuse to, or can weaken over time.

Your dentist will carry out a thorough examination of your gums and mouth before arranging for dental implants, and will recommend the necessary treatment to ensure your mouth is in a healthy condition for the treatment.

How to care for your dental implants

To reduce your risk of gum disease or other infections, it’s important to look after your dental implants properly. Your dentist will give you guidelines on how to care for your implants, but it’s important to protect the overall health of your gums and mouth.

Provide the best care at home by:

  1. Cleaning at least twice daily with a soft bristle toothbrush
  2. Not smoking
  3. Gently brushing under and around the implant crown
  4. Flossing daily or using an interdental brush

You should care for your implants in the same way you look after your natural teeth, as gum inflammation around implants can occur when plaque builds up. If you feel pain or sensitivity, or you suspect inflammation, visit your dentist. Make sure you regularly visit your dentist to have your implants inspected and cleaned, as it can be difficult to spot plaque build-up without a professional exam.

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