Printing and Scanning Technology in Orthodontics

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Teeth straightening in the dental industry continues to advance over the years, bringing faster and more comfortable techniques to patients that want to achieve a smile they love. With the addition of scanning and printing in the industry, older techniques such as gooey impressions are left behind.

In this article, we’re going to look at how far the orthodontics field has come, and the technologies widely used today.

A brief history of orthodontics

You may be surprised to learn that the desire for straight teeth is not a modern one. In fact, orthodontics practices date back to Ancient Greece and Rome. It’s estimated that as far back as 400 BC, appliances for maintaining gaps and straightening teeth were being created.

In the 19th century, orthodontics became a dental specialty in its own right. Dentists began using wires, metals and rubber in the creation of braces – though the field really progressed over the following couple of centuries.

Modern technology in the space

Nowadays, we get access to a wide variety of technologies that revolutionise the way we help patients achieve a straighter smile. Below, we’ve covered some of the scanning and printing capabilities that improve orthodontic processes and results.

Intraoral scanners

Intraoral scanners allow for efficient, accurate examinations of the mouth using a simple scanner wand. This brings more digital technology to the process, improving efficiency, accuracy and predictability of results. This also eliminates the need for physical impressions that can be unpleasant for patients.

Desktop scanners

Extraoral 3D scanners capture 3D images of physical casts, so dentists can study them digitally. This technique uses several digital cameras to product high-resolution images, offering precise and efficient analyses and treatment.

Facial scanners

3D facial scans can be incorporated into the teeth straightening process for fast, full face scanning that enables dentists to create a realistic image of the patient’s overall face post-treatment. The way teeth are positioned can play a huge role in the way someone’s face looks, and this gives patients peace-of-mind before undergoing treatment.

3D printing

3D printing delivers a faster way to create customised straightening solutions, with the technology to easily design products that perfectly fit a patient’s mouth. This speeds up the process for patients, and should any changes need to be made, this can easily be achieved via the 3D printing device – meaning there’s no need to go through the uncomfortable impressions process.

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