What Is an Impacted Wisdom Tooth?

25 Jun 2021  |  No Comments
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Many of us have learned to dread the problems that wisdom teeth can cause! An impacted wisdom tooth is one that doesn’t grow through the gumline as it should. This can be because there isn’t enough space in the jawbone to accommodate, or the wisdom tooth is growing at an angle into your existing teeth. If you are experiencing the symptoms of an impacted wisdom tooth, don’t delay seeing your dentists at Marsfield Dental Clinic.

No Longer Fitting into Your Mouth

Why do wisdom teeth become impacted? These molars usually start to grow in the late teens to early twenties, as the last molars behind all your other teeth, though not everyone grows all four. Humans no longer need the extra grinding power of wisdom teeth, as our diet moved on from hard plant foods long ago. The mouth also evolved to be smaller and less powerful than our ancestors’, which explains why there often isn’t enough room in the modern human mouth for these evolutionary remnants to grow. The lack of space forces them to grow irregularly, staying below the gumline and sometimes trapped against your other molars, becoming impacted.


Making Their Presence Known

Impacted wisdom teeth are trapped between the gums and the jawbone, and/or not in alignment with the rest of your teeth. You will know if you are developing impacted wisdom teeth, because the symptoms will make themselves known! It is easy to not clean this far back corner of your mouth properly, so food can build up, leading to decay and cavities. Often there is exposed tissue and the gums become infected. Wisdom teeth that barrel into their neighbouring teeth can cause structural damage to the teeth and jawbone. All of this will lead to symptoms of swelling and pain, and possibly lead to further complications for your oral or general health.

Don’t Delay Seeing Your Dentist

Not everyone gets wisdom teeth; not everyone’s grow impacted; and even if yours are impacted, they may not cause any issues or need treatment. However, there is a risk of impacted wisdom teeth developing into more serious complications, so seek the professional advice of your dentists at Marsfield Dental Clinic. For example, it’s easy for food and bacteria to build up around the wisdom teeth, and this plaque can lead to dental cavities, dental abscess, gum disease, and cellulitis or a wider bacterial infection of the mouth. In extreme cases, fluid can pool into cysts, which may then develop into tumours. If you have pain around the wisdom tooth, book an appointment with our dentists first thing.

Treating Your Impacted Wisdom Tooth

Breathe easy! Often, the issues caused by an impacted wisdom tooth can be treated with antibiotics and an antiseptic mouthwash. If this isn’t enough, our dentists will explain your options in terms of wisdom teeth removal. They will help you weigh the benefits of the surgery against the possible risks of complications. Though the surgery is surprisingly quick, you may have mild swelling for up to a fortnight. Any surgery risks damage to the nerves, infection, or delayed healing, especially for patients who smoke. To speak with the dentists who always put your best interests at heart, call or book online for your appointment with Marsfield Dental Clinic.

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